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Established by two former IDF paratroopers of the Israeli Army (Zahal) who proudly call themselves Zionists, our company’s admiration for Israel and its awe-inspiring achievements are boldly displayed on Israel T-shirts while we strive to build a bridge to strengthen the connection between the unique country of Israel - with its traditional Jewish heritage - and the rest of the world.


Showing solidarity and support for Israel with an Israel Tee!

At israeli-T we offer all of the supporters of Israel a special opportunity to purchase their own Israel T-shirts and to wear them proudly wherever they are in the world! In days like these, it is becoming more important to show solidarity with the State of Israel and to express support for Israel’s right to exist. Even though many globally seem to want to question those rights, it is now crucial that we all express our united support for Israel - and how better than on an Israeli T-shirt for the whole world to see!

Say it loud and say it proud... I Stand With ISRAEL!!


Israeli-t is dedicated to bringing Israel t-shirts from the State of Israel and the Holy Land to the people who love them while spreading much-needed appreciation and support for Israel all around the globe - one Israeli T-shirt at a time!

By wearing our Israel shirts, we want customers to feel a warm place in their hearts for both the state of Israel and its people. Our hope is that one day they will be able to visit our beautiful country in order to see this ancient and modern land with their own eyes.