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Affiliate Program

Earn cash without any investment or hassle!

Join israeli-T as an affiliate partner. Earn cash for very little effort! You will earn 15% commission on all qualifying revenue generated by links to Israeli-T from your website or E-mail! Just place a banner or other link on your website that links to our website. Simple and profitable!

Benefits of our affiliate program:

  • Joining our affiliate program requires NO upfront costs and there are NO fees later! Start earning immediately.
  • You do not carry inventory nor ship merchandise.
  • It takes a LOT of time and money to develop your own product to sell online. We save you that hassle.
  • Affiliate statistics are provided in real-time 24 hours a day. You do not have to go out and buy expensive software to track your sales or bring in any 3rd party software to track everything. You can track and check your account status from your computer or cell phone!
  • You do not have to worry about sales administration and technical support. We handle everything - from the point of sale through the after sales service.
  • We can provide you with banners and other links.

Everyone is welcome!

We are open to any individual website owners, company or organization whose aim is to make money in an easy and non-time consuming way. Everyone is welcome, no matter how big or small your business or organization may be. You will earn money through advertising and collaborating with us, so you can be sure that we will find the best way to achieve results that will be beneficial for both parties.

Get Started as an israeli-T Affiliate in 10 Easy Steps

1. Thank you for your interest in our israeli-T affiliate program. Your interest WAS the first step! ;)

2. In order to get started as an affiliate, first create an account on our website.

3. If you have not yet created a dedicated account for affiliate activity, you can do so here:

4. Once you have created an account, you can enter the user account or click here: * Note – you must be logged in:

5. Under the heading “MY ACCOUNT” you will find an option called Affiliate Program, enter there or click here: * Note – you must be logged in

6. Please click on the sign-up button inside the Affiliate Program to send us your affiliate application for our website.

7. Once we have received your sign-up request, we will mail you a short document to fill out with your info and some details regarding your plans for marketing our products.

8. After your application has been accepted, you will find the affiliate area on your user account updated with everything that you will need to get started.

9. We are offering our approved affiliates a 15% commission on all sales that are credited to their account, with all sales being recorded and updated directly to the affiliate account area in real-time.

10. More information regarding our affiliate program will be available to you once your request has been confirmed.

More questions? Contact - [email protected]