IDF Jewelry

Choose from our unique selection of IDF jewelry that includes IDF pendants, bracelets, necklaces and dog tags with IDF logos and emblems.

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  • $7.49 Out of stock

    This IDF bracelet features a beautifully inscribed stainless steel nameplate with the official Israel Defense Forces emblem written in both Hebrew and English.

  • $6.99

    This paratrooper pendant IDF necklace is a classic item that is great to own and also a perfect for a gift for all those love and support Israel and the IDF!

  • $7.49

    This Israel Army Paratrooper wristband features the famous “Flying Wings” emblem of the IDF Paratrooper Brigade beautifully etched into a stainless steel nameplate and connected to a lightweight black silicone bracelet with stainless steel clasps.

  • $9.49 Out of stock

    This IDF Star of David stainless steel dog tag pendant necklace includes both Hebrew and English inscriptions and is the perfect way to express your support for Israel Defense Forces and its right to defend itself against its enemies.

  • $8.99 Out of stock

    Featuring an official emblem of the Israel “Mossad” engraved on a stainless steel dog tag in both English and Hebrew and including a heavy duty black silicone cord necklace with an extension chain, this Mossad dog tag pendant necklace will make you feel like an honorary member of the top secret Israeli Mossad whenever you wear it.

  • $6.99 Out of stock

    With the words “Tzahal” inscribed in this classic IDF bracelet design, this wristband can be perfect for yourself and also an excellent for gift for supporters of Israel who will feel like an honorary member of the Israel Army every time that they wear it!

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items